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Agent: Freight agent/shipping forwarder

An "Agent" is a third party who helps facilitate the safe purchase of a product from a seller, often located in China, to the buyer. They act as a representative for the buyer, ensuring that the product is not faulty or damaged and that the buyer receives exactly what they expect to receive.

We recommend the agent named SugarGoo

Usage Examples

Here are some examples of how "Agent" can be used:

  1. When discussing shipping logistics: "You might need to use an agent to get them, as currently HiCity doesn't ship to the Philippines." In this context, the person is suggesting that the buyer use an agent to help them purchase the product from HiCity, since HiCity does not directly ship to the Philippines.

  2. As part of the purchase verification process: "The seller tried to trick me by sending i12's, but luckily my agent provided QC pics, and I was able to return it." Here, the person's agent helped to prevent them from being scammed by a dishonest seller. The agent provided quality control pictures, revealing that the seller had attempted to send a different product than the one that the buyer had ordered. This allowed the buyer to return the product and get a refund.

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