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AirPods replicas offer a variety of features that mimic those of the original AirPods.

Supported Features

All current models of AirPods replicas support name changing, GPS (iOS only), and changing tap controls (iOS and macOS only). Some models also support Spatial Audio, Audio Share, and Live Listen (all iOS only). Certain AirPods Pro models support transparency mode (iOS only), and newer models support Active Noise Cancelling (ANC). However, the ANC on these replicas may not be as effective as on the original AirPods and might require time to perfect.

Can the settings be changed using an Android device?

If you use Android, you can make all your touch settings changes on an iPhone at These changes should carry over to your Android, although sometimes this doesn't work. Some manufactueres also have their own Android apps that makes it possible to change these settings and more on Android devices.

In-Ear Sensors

The in-ear sensors on the replicas pause the music almost instantly (around 1 second delay*) when removed from the ears. The "beep" sound on inserting the AirPods is the correct Apple sound, though its quality may be lower on some models or batches.

Tap and Force Touch Controls

The tap controls or Force Touch controls on the replicas are functional but might take some getting used to. For 2nd generation replicas, a firm tap is required, not a soft touch like on original AirPods. For Pro models, only a light push or squeeze is needed, not a touch.

Microphone Quality

The microphone quality on the replicas is usable, but not as good as on the original AirPods. However, the mic quality on the latest AirPods 2 replicas, the V3M/V3U, is very comparable to that on the original AirPods.


The latest AirPods 2 replicas (V3M/V3U) have microphone quality comparable to the original AirPods.


Some models of AirPods replicas have red/blue/green LEDs that only turn on when resetting or malfunctioning. These LEDs will never come on during normal use. If the pods disconnect from each other and the LEDs turn on, refer to the Troubleshooting section and perform a pairing reset.


LEDs on AirPods replicas only turn on when resetting or malfunctioning. Refer to the Troubleshooting section if this happens.

* The exact delay for the in-ear sensors may vary depending on the batch.

Released under the GPLv3 License.