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Build Quality

Understanding the build quality of AirPods replicas can help you evaluate their overall durability and authenticity.


The case and pods generally have a good weight to them. Some models might even match the accurate weight of the original AirPods.


Some models use a plastic hinge with metallic paint, while others employ a real metal hinge. Some plastic hinges may feel cheap, squeak, move, and lack solidity. While usable, they are noticeable compared to the original AirPods. Metal hinges feel significantly superior.


The "Designed by Apple" text on the back uses a similar font to the original. The text inside the case and buds looks similar but doesn't say the same thing as the original AirPods. Some batches have real serial numbers, while others do not. The text may not be straight in some batches, or might be a lighter or darker grey than the original AirPods. The text quality varies by seller.

Back Button

The back button is flush with the case, but on some models, it clicks louder than the original and doesn't feel as smooth. Some batches feature a more pronounced button.

Lid and Magnets

All the latest models have reverse magnets, ensuring the lid stays open when needed.

LED Diffuser

Some models include an LED diffuser to dim the LED.

Ear Tips (AirPods Pro Replicas)

For AirPods Pro replicas, avoid forcibly removing the ear tips as it could damage the pods. To remove the ear tips, twist and pull them off. When handling the pods, hold them by the tip and not by the stem to prevent damage.


For AirPods Pro replicas, handle the pods carefully to avoid damage. Do not forcibly remove the ear tips.


Can fake AirPods be charged in a real case or vice versa?

No, fake AirPods should not be charged in a real case. Doing so may cause the fake AirPods to break soon after. It is also not recommended to charge real AirPods in a fake case.

Will AirPods cases fit on clones?

All soft silicone protective cases will fit, but hard plastic cases may not fit most clones (mostly older models as they are slightly bigger than the originals). Some hard cases may fit, but may not come off or affect the button if it sticks out slightly.

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