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QC: Quality Control [PICS]

"QC" stands for Quality Control. In online communities, "QC PICS" refers to pictures used to verify the quality of a purchased product.

Usage Examples

Here are some examples of how "QC" can be used:

  1. As a request for pictures: "Can you send me the QC pics for HiCity v2.5's?" In this context, the person is asking for pictures that show the quality of the HiCity v2.5's to determine if they are worth buying.

  2. As a comment on a seller's standards: "Vincent's QC has gotten really poor recently. So many batches are defective!" Here, "QC" refers to the seller's process of maintaining standards in their manufactured products. The person is saying that Vincent's quality control has been poor, leading to many defective products. This can be a serious issue for sellers, leading to customer dissatisfaction and potential legal issues.

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