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AirPods replicas come in different types of packaging, each with its own unique features and potential risks.

No-Logo Box

The No-logo box is white and has a similar shape to the original AirPods box. It showcases an image of AirPods but lacks the "AirPods" text, Apple logos, or trademarks. The included manual and charging cable are generic, without the serial numbers typically found on original AirPods packaging.

No-Logo Box

Apple Logo Box

The Apple logo box mirrors the packaging of legitimate AirPods, featuring the traditional "AirPods" text and Apple logos. The manuals and charging cable inside bear Apple markings. However, requesting an "Apple box" could increase the risk of product seizure at customs, leading to fines or destruction of the product. To mitigate this risk, many sellers use a double box technique, hiding the actual Apple box inside a generic headphone-shaped box.

Apple Logo Box


Requesting an "Apple box" can lead to product seizure at customs. Many sellers use a double box technique to reduce this risk.

Double/Decoy Box

Considered by many as the superior option among the three, this packaging incorporates a clever strategy of utilizing discreet packaging that resembles ordinary earbuds. However, concealed within this unassuming packaging is the Apple Logo Box, as previously explained. By adopting this astute packaging approach, the potential risks associated with customs authorities seizing the product are significantly reduced, while enabling you to successfully obtain the Apple Logo Box without undue complications.

Double/Decoy Box

Box Quality

The box's quality can range from well-made with correctly embossed text and aligned labels, to lower quality or sloppy. If the box quality matters to you, ask the seller for photos before making a purchase.


Always ask for photos if the quality of the box is important to you.

Handling and Shipping

The box or packaging might arrive slightly dented or creased due to handling by international and local couriers, not the seller.


Packaging may arrive slightly dented or creased due to courier handling.

Charging Cable

The included charging cable may not support data transfer like many other USB cables. Sellers often use cables with dummy pins instead of real working pins to cut costs.


The included charging cable may not support data transfer as sellers often use cables with dummy pins to save costs.

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