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Welcome! If you're here, you're likely looking to quality check your replica AirPods or considering purchasing authentic ones. This section will guide you on discerning between retail and replica AirPods, from simple to advanced methods. If a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Checking Design Flaws

  1. LED Light: Check if the LED light is diffused, or frosted. This means the plastic inside the LED is transparent and almost greyish, rather than just being a hole. If this feature is present, your AirPods are likely authentic. This method works for all AirPods models.

  2. Hinge Color: Compare the color of the hinge on the case to reference pictures. You can use this image for first and second generation AirPods and this image for AirPods Pro.

  3. Button Alignment: Check if the button on the case is flush with the rest of the case. If it's not, your AirPods may be replicas. In authentic AirPods, the button should be flush with the case.


We will not cover the text on the AirPods that includes certifications and serial/model numbers, as these can vary depending on the region where the AirPods were sold.

Checking Software Differences

  1. Bluetooth Popup: Check if the popup appears within 2-3 seconds of turning on Bluetooth. If it does, your AirPods are likely authentic.

  2. Device Settings: Check if your AirPods have device settings under the "i" button next to the Bluetooth name in your device settings. This method works for iOS 10 or higher with first-generation AirPods, iOS 12.2 or higher with second-generation AirPods, and iOS 13.2 or higher with AirPods Pro.

  3. About Page: Compare the serial number on the "About" page in your device settings (when your AirPods are connected) to the serial number on the AirPods case. This should only appear for authentic AirPods.

  4. Spatial Audio: On AirPods Pro, look for a "Spatial Audio" toggle in the AirPods settings (this requires iOS 14 or higher and an iPhone 7 or newer). If the toggle is present and the demo works as expected, your AirPods are likely authentic.

For additional help, join the AirReps Discord to get advice and support from the AirReps community.

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