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Battery Life

Understanding the battery life of AirPods replicas can help you manage your expectations and use them effectively.

Average Battery Life

The average battery life of AirPods replicas is around 5 hours per charge with normal use at a normal volume (75%). The AirPods case can fully charge the pods 2-3 times on average after a full charge. The newer AirPods Gen 2 replica, the V3M/V3U, claims a battery life of 5-6 hours per charge.

Battery Life Variations

The actual battery life may slightly vary depending on the version, chip, and specific batch. Some newer models might reach up to 6-8 hours of battery time, but this is not guaranteed.


Battery life might reach up to 6-8 hours on newer models, but this is not guaranteed.

Battery Level Accuracy

The battery levels on iOS devices may not always be accurate. However, just like the original AirPods, the replicas will beep when the battery is low (20%). On Android, battery levels can be checked in Bluetooth Devices or using apps like TWTools, Materialpods, or Andropods. This issue has been resolved in newer replicas.


Battery level readings on iOS devices may not always be accurate. Use specific apps on Android for more accurate readings.

Wireless Charging

AirPods replicas support wireless charging, but use caution when using this feature. Prolonged wireless charging (longer than the 1-2 hours it takes to fully charge the replicas) could lead to overheating and a very small risk of melting. Fast charging (using a cable or wirelessly) may also damage the replicas, so exercise caution if you plan to use this feature.


Be careful when using wireless charging for extended periods or fast charging, as it could lead to overheating, melting, or damage to the replicas.

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