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LC: Legit Check

A "Legit Check" refers to the act of verifying the authenticity of a product. This is often done when a product is purchased from a non-retail source, such as a person-to-person marketplace like eBay or Facebook Marketplace, and the buyer wants to ensure they are getting the real thing. Legit checks are a useful tool for buyers to protect themselves from buying counterfeit or fake products.

Usage Example

Here's an example of how "LC" can be used:

"Can someone LC these AirPods Pros for me? Someone's offering them on Facebook Marketplace for $130, which seems too good to be true." In this context, the person is asking someone to verify the authenticity of the AirPods Pros they are considering purchasing. They are skeptical because the price seems unusually low, which could indicate that the product is not genuine. Legit checks can help buyers avoid being scammed or misled when purchasing products online.

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